Monday, April 26, 2010

Udavi Payanam

Welcome to Udavi Payanam, 'helpful travel'!

nan payanam seium bodhu matruvargullaku udavi seiya virippum
while travelling i wish to help others

Udavi Payanam is travel with the spirit of aiding others. It is a concept of connecting with community as we travel and improving the spaces that we pass through, and it is a project that will connect travellers with organizations possessing worthwhile causes.

The name is Tamil so that it remains true to the place the idea was born, the city of Auroville, Tamil Nadu. Udavi Payanam is a network for travellers to volunteer to help humanity and the environment. We are building this network by volunteering with a variety of non-profit organizations and communicating our experiences right here.

Here you will find our experiences and information that will enable you as well to connect and help.

Currently, we are seeking organizaions to join the project who:

Are engaged in assisting refugees, asylum seekers, or marginilized persons, women or children in their community.
Are engaged in work that promotes sustainable environmental practices, such as: alternative energies, forestation, organic farming or recycling
Are building, or participating in, sustainable communities

The first phase of travel is set to soon begin.
We will begin on 16 May, 2010 in Amman, Jordan, and cover Syria, Lebanon and Turkey by travelling overland, helping causes along the way.

The timeframe for this phase of travel is mid-May to July, 2010.

So: If you have a cause in these areas, join us.
If you will be travelling through these places, you can look forward to reading, learning and letting yourself be inspired to reach out in a similar way.

Because: Everything we do has an impact on the world. We have the power to make that impact a positive one.

With Peace and Empowerment,

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